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When solving the case could be your biggest mistake...

Buried Under Books is excited about…’Stasi Child’

Recently I was privileged to receive a copy of debut novelist David Young’s ‘Stasi Child’. It’s a darkly shocking tale set in East Berlin the 1970s – in the DDR – and is the first in a series featuring People’s Police detective Karin Muller. My full review can be found here, but I thought it […]

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03.10.15 Jasper Fforde at Marlborough Lit festival (1)

5 things you might not know about Jasper Fforde

Jasper Fforde: pioneering fictioneer. I’m not usually a fan of fantasy fiction. In fact, I actively avoid it, moving on as soon as I spot words like ‘magic’, ‘curse’ or ‘dragon’ in book descriptions and reviews. The one exception is Jasper Fforde, whose genuinely distinctive styling of comedy, fantasy, literary mash-up, satire and sci-fi is […]

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National Poetry Day 2015

Today is National Poetry Day and it’s got me thinking about the value of sharing poems. Children instinctively love poems. They enjoy the rhythms, the humour, the sheer nonsense of nursery rhymes and their early introductions to poems. Then, something happens. For most older children poetry becomes academic, boring, uncool. It’s something your teacher might […]

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Marlborough Lit Fest Logo

The joy of literary festivals – specifically, Marlborough

I get very excited about meeting my favourite authors. The trouble is, when I do meet them, I become so tongue-tied I’m barely capable of requesting a signature and giving my name. Anything more – except possibly a simpering, eyes-downcast, barely audible mutter of “I love your books” – is absolutely beyond me. (My husband […]

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A selection of my Austen-related book collection...in front of my A0 sized full-text poster of 'Pride and Prejudice'. Obsessive? Me?

Why it’s totally normal to be obsessed with ‘Pride and Prejudice’

I freely admit that I am slightly obsessed by in love with  ‘Pride and Prejudice’. When I’m feeling ill or grouchy, I instinctively reach for the book or, if I’m feeling really awful, the 1995 BBC adaptation, and it cheers me up to read/ hear the familiar words: ‘It is a truth universally acknowledged…’ I […]

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No, you are not allowed in. No matter how appealing you are. No. No, no, no, no...oh alright then.

The many justifications for buying books

It’s actually quite rare for me to buy books new. Honest. New to me from a second hand shop – sure. New as a gift from a friend or family member – definitely. New as a gift for my son or daughter or other lucky friend / family member who loves books – yep yep […]

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New books

Because my TBR pile wasn’t ridiculous enough already.

It’s totally normal to plan your holidays around books, right? My husband fancied going away somewhere this Easter and since he has an actual proper job while I just “look after” our children* and therefore have masses of downtime, (by which I mean that occasionally they have naps At The Same Time, also known in […]

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coffee mug at Bar des Arts Guildford

Bar des Arts and a celebration of words

There is never enough time. I wanted to write something about National Poetry Day, but by the time I had put half a blog post put together, it was over for another year. I wanted to write about World Book Day, but I never managed to write more than an opening line. I thought, never […]

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