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Buried Under Books is excited about… The Story Museum

Ah, school¬†holidays with young children. It’s an inescapable opportunity to spend hours shouting “stop, NO, don’t touch that,¬†say sorry to¬†your sister”¬† quality time with my little boy, while managing the needs of his even littler sisters, so the immediate question is: what can I do to get us all out of the house? Somewhere fun, […]

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Guest Post by Hélene Fermont: What Makes Scandi Writing Different

Scandinavian fiction: if it isn’t dominating our TV screens it’s creeping onto our bookshelves. Whether or not you’re a fan of the trend, it’s often appealing to read novels set abroad and learn a little about another culture – and sometimes, a surprising amount about our own! H√©lene Fermont’s¬†second novel, We Never Said Goodbye, is […]

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Keep mum laughing this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. This is an opportunity for hardworking mothers everywhere to receive thanks for their sterling efforts raising the next generation to say please and thank you, wipe their own noses and bottoms, and eat their peas using cutlery, not their fingers. Depending on the ages of any children you possess, you […]

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Buried Under Books is excited about…’Stasi Wolf’

‘Stasi Wolf’ is published today. This is the follow-up to David Young’s hugely successful and thoroughly chilling Cold War novel, ‘Stasi Child’ (which I LOVED; you can read my review here). Both books are set in Communist East Germany and follow the investigations of Karin Muller, murder squad detective and good East German citizen. Muller […]

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‘Lies’ blog tour: TM Logan Guest Post

Today I’m welcoming TM Logan to BuriedUnderBooks as part of the blog tour for his debut novel ‘Lies’. ‘Lies’ is a psychological thriller which explores a life suddenly upturned, a family torn apart by, well,¬†lies and the darker side of social media. Want to know more? Here’s the blurb: ————————————————— When Joe Lynch stumbles across […]

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Author interview: Michael Gallagher discusses the development of Octavius Guy

I’ve always enjoyed fiction written in, about or around the Victorian period. This means I was delighted to discover Octavius Guy, known as ‘Octopus’ to his friends, developing his detective skills in a convincingly imagined Victorian London. Author Michael Gallagher has published two mysteries following Octopus’ adventures and the third instalment in the series, ‘Big […]

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Buried Under Books is excited about…’Stasi Wolf’ cover reveal

Last year David Young published his superb debut novel, ‘Stasi Child’. It’s a¬†thrilling mixture of crime, history and¬†mystery, featuring¬†a cast of¬†fascinating characters¬†placed in dangerous political situations.¬†I loved it –¬†and wrote about it here and here – and I wasn’t alone: it became an e-book and then a paperback bestseller, and¬†its author¬†has since graced many a […]

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‘The Hidden Legacy’ Q&A with G. J. Minett

Last year I reviewed the beautifully handled debut novel that is G. J. Minett’s The Hidden Legacy. A short while later I had the pleasure of quizzing the author about his work, which at that point had been published as an ebook by Twenty7. As of today, it’s also¬†available in paperback, so¬†whether you liked the […]

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CrimeFest 2016 highlights

Last weekend I was privileged to attend CrimeFest in Bristol. It was amazing. I felt particularly lucky since, having anticipated only being able to attend Saturday’s events, a change in my husband’s plans meant that I was able to attend Sunday’s events too. What is it? An international crime fiction convention where authors, publicists, bloggers […]

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