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REVIEW: ‘Still Life’ by Louise Penny

This is one of those ‘it caught my eye, but’ books. It clearly caught my eye enough for me to buy it, and, in fact, I recently added a second Louise Penny title to my collection, still without having ever read the first. There was obviously something about the plots I found appealing – or […]

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REVIEW: ‘Murder on Oxford Lane’ by Tony Bassett

A missing man. A careless wife. An ailing business. Is Harry Bowers dead or deliberately missing? Heart of England police are determined to find out. What’s it about? I’m pinching the blurb for this one: The peace of a Midlands village is upset when local businessman Harry Bowers doesn’t return from choir practice. More concerned […]

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REVIEW: ‘The Testimony of the Hanged Man’ by Ann Granger

“I confess freely that I cut his throat with a carving knife.. “…in the morning I shall make the short walk from this condemned cell to the gallows here at Newgate. I understand the scaffold has been erected in the yard, inside the prison walls, not outside in the street. Is that so?” Chatty convict […]

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REVIEW: ‘A Cure for All Diseases’ by Reginald Hill

This story brings together two of my favourite kinds of book: crime fiction and anything Jane Austen related. Now that doesn’t mean you need to be an Austen fan to enjoy this 23rd outing in the Dalziel and Pascoe series, but it means there’s a treat threaded throughout the story if you are. What’s it […]

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EXTRACT from ‘The Awful Truth About the Herbert Quarry Affair’

‘I was beginning to regret choosing crime as the subject for my mold-breaking bestseller – the red tape was fierce.’ Today I am delighted to host an extract from The Awful Truth About the Herbert Quarry Affair, a book purportedly written by the main character in real time… How does that work? Denis Shaughnessy is […]

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REVIEW: ‘Nothing Important Happened Today’ by Will Carver

Nine suicides. One cult. No leader. It was another fantastic strapline that first drew my attention to Will Carver’s fascinating and disturbing tale about The People of Choice, who are enduring their lives without feeling them and ending their lives without wanting to. If you enjoyed Carver’s previous novel, ‘Good Samaritans’, which was brilliant but […]

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REVIEW: ‘Stasi Winter’ by David Young

If the cold doesn’t kill you, the truth will. As ever, the latest story in David Young’s Stasi series demands your attention with a chilling strapline, an intriguing cover and a tale of an impossible task. Karin Muller wants to know the truth about the murders she investigates, but in 1970s East Germany, the truth […]

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REVIEW: ‘Stasi 77’ by David Young is a spy thriller that chills

This is story that deserves to be told. Although Young’s characters are fictional, the events depicted in 1945 during the death throes of Nazi Germany, are horrific facts. Though this is a primarily a detective story, it’s clear that ‘Stasi 77’ also functions as a disturbing reminder, not just of certain historical events, but of […]

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