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REVIEW ‘Five Forget Mother’s Day’: how to fall out with your mum

Sometimes giving books the benefit of the doubt is a Good Thing. Having been underwhelmed by ‘Five Go Parenting’ and ‘Five on Brexit Island’ I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy the latest instalment in Bruno Vincent’s ‘Enid Blyton for Adults’ series: ‘Five Forget Mother’s Day’. What’s it about? George has, somehow, managed to fail to […]

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Five on Brexit Island: the Famous Five’s referendum

Ah, Brexit. Whether you love it, hate it, want it or are just thoroughly sick of hearing about it, you can’t avoid it. And nor, it seems, can the Famous Five. This is one of five books in Quercus’ ‘Enid Blyton for Grown-Ups’ series, a collection which aims to entertain nostalgic readers by embroiling the (now […]

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‘Five Go Parenting’: the baby adventure

Five Go…Parenting? If you’re at all familiar with Enid Blyton’s Famous Five books, then the title above is likely to give you pause. I’ve not spotted these in the shops (which tells me I’ve spent too little time browsing books lately!) but I imagine they occupy a similar POS to the new Ladybird ‘How it […]

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What your one year old REALLY thinks of you

Ever wondered why your one year old loves knocking down sandcastles? This is your chance to find out. What’s it about? That incredible year between turning one and two, during which Little People make huge strides in controlling their adults (Smooths and Hairies) using a range of strategies including tactical manoeuvres, such as the fail-safe […]

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