Buried Under Books

REVIEW: ‘the last night out’ by Catherine O’Connell

Six friends. Three secrets. One murder. The strapline of this novel suggests a crime thriller, but if that’s what you’re seeking, you might not find it here. A woman dies, that’s true, but somehow her death immediately becomes less important than the sex lives of the living. What’s it about? Maggie’s hen party is a […]

REVIEW: ‘Out of the Blu’ by Vitali Vitaliev

If you kiss your spouse’s double, is it cheating? If you met your quantum double, would you like them? And most pressingly of all, how on earth would you find your way back to your own home in your own universe? In Vitali Vitaliev’s new novel, his confused characters, Viktor and Katherine Petroff, and Victor […]

‘The Exclusives’: no one knows how to hurt you like your best friend

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to another person? If your actions resulted in catastrophe, could you bear to face the consequences? Journalist Rebecca Thornton’s debut novel, ‘The Exclusives’, explores the consequences when best friends Josephine and Freya betray one another in their final year at boarding school. What’s it about? Archaeologist Josephine Grey […]

How secrets can rule our lives

Secrets. Everyone has at least one. But would yours destroy your marriage? In an instance of pure serendipity, this month’s book group choice was one I had recently placed on my wish list, so I was glad to get the opportunity to try-before-you-buy. What’s it about? Cecilia finds a letter that isn’t meant to be […]

A kind of denial

This is why I love book groups: they draw your attention to books you might otherwise never have discovered. What’s it about? Jenn Ashworth’s debut novel, ‘A kind of Intimacy’, stars Annie, a lonely, obese woman who narrates her increasingly awkward attempts to build a new life and get to know her new neighbours – […]