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REVIEW: ‘The Body’ by Bill Bryson

So it turns out Neo was right; we are living in a matrix. Or, more accurately, reality is not ‘real’ but the constant creation of our ever-busy brains, which are significantly more powerful than any man-made computer, constantly interpreting the world around us to create the perception of a rich sensory environment. Did you know […]

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‘Predictably Irrational’: how we REALLY make decisions

When you make a decision, what influences you? You might expect that your past experiences would have an impact – and they certainly do – but are you sufficiently aware of the other factors influencing your decision-making process? From who orders first in a round of drinks to which new TV we buy, we’re constantly […]

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What a (weird and) wonderful world

Until very recently, I refused to join Twitter; I didn’t understand the point of it but knew that I already lost enough precious time to the lure of the Internet. Now, I’m a convert. Not only is it a great source of book-related links, but it turns out that it can be a source of […]

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The sad reality of gender propaganda

Sometimes, I deliberately read books I suspect I will disagree with. Why would any sane person do this to themselves? Two reasons: it’s important to know what arguments the ‘other side’ are using and it’s important to check the validity of these arguments. After all, you could be wrong. If so, better to know it […]

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