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GUEST POST: James Hartley talks ‘Cold Fire’, love, and that moment when two souls fuse

‘There’s a naked boy on the playing fields.’ This is Gillian’s introduction to her Romeo; together, they form the star-crossed lovers in ‘Cold Fire’, a dramatic YA novel which not only revisits Shakespeare’s famous lovers, but introduces us to Shakespeare himself… Today I am privileged to have James Hartley visiting BuriedUnderBooks to discuss his second […]

REVIEW: ‘Early Riser’ by Jasper Fforde

“There were no fines, but the negative feedback in SleepAdvisor could impact upon the following year’s popularity – and rates.” The wonderfully inventive sci-fi / fantasy / literary / comic genius Jasper Fforde is back with a standalone novel introducing the Winter Consul Service and Charlie Worthing: novice Consul, ethical thinker and reluctant dreamer… What’s […]

REVIEW: ‘Rivers of London’ by Ben Aaronovitch

‘Right, I thought, just because you’ve gone mad doesn’t mean you should stop acting like a policeman.’ And that’s the beauty of this book in a nutshell: even when he’s faced with feuding River Gods and Goddesses, and vicious revenant ghosts apparently obsessed with puppet shows, freshly minted constable Peter Grant is ready to employ […]

5 things you might not know about Jasper Fforde

Jasper Fforde: pioneering fictioneer. I’m not usually a fan of fantasy fiction. In fact, I actively avoid it, moving on as soon as I spot words like ‘magic’, ‘curse’ or ‘dragon’ in book descriptions and reviews. The one exception is Jasper Fforde, whose genuinely distinctive styling of comedy, fantasy, literary mash-up, satire and sci-fi is […]

An adult fairytale: The (padded) Book of Lost Things

I wasn’t initially convinced by ‘The Book of Lost Things’. An adult fairytale? Yes, possibly, if kept fairly short and written by someone like Angela Carter. But 502 pages of adult fairytale? At least it wasn’t recommended by Richard and Judy, which most of the books I read for my fiction book group seem to […]