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REVIEW: ‘The Rufford Rose’ by Margaret Lambert

Sometimes, a change of reading pace is precisely what’s needed. September is bringing changes for me: two children off to school now and only my littlest lady home to kick through the leaves with me and insist that she needs my attention NOW. What better time to embrace a different, more autumnal read than the […]

REVIEW: ‘Mussolini’s Island’ by Sarah Day

”It is a war,’ Emilio said quietly, as he always did. As though, somehow, that made everything right. As though, in war, people were allowed to become someone else entirely.’ In Sarah Day’s debut novel, ‘Mussolini’s Island’, it is 1939/1940 and war with other nations looms, but there are more immediate concerns for Emilio and […]

Buried Under Books is excited about…’Stasi Wolf’ cover reveal

Last year David Young published his superb debut novel, ‘Stasi Child’. It’s a thrilling mixture of crime, history and mystery, featuring a cast of fascinating characters placed in dangerous political situations. I loved it – and wrote about it here and here – and I wasn’t alone: it became an e-book and then a paperback bestseller, and its author has since graced many a […]

Will you know when it’s The Last Embrace?

Historical fiction isn’t my first choice of genre, but something about this book’s blurb appealed to me. …and the cover was lovely. (Yes, I’m afraid I do judge books by their covers, but only until I read them!) Pam Jenoff’s carefully researched novel, ‘The Last Embrace’, uses World War Two as a dramatic backdrop for […]

Solving mysteries in Victorian London, Gooseberry style.

Sometimes you see a book and just know you’re going to love it. That’s how I felt when I spotted ‘Gooseberry’ by Michael Gallagher on Librarything. The fact that I had yet to read either Wilkie Collins’ ‘The Moonstone’, which is the inspiration and touchstone for Gallagher’s novel, or anything previously written by Gallagher himself, […]

Burial Rites: waiting for death in 1820s Iceland

Being sentenced to die is tough. Waiting for the sentence to be carried out is even tougher. Hannah Kent’s intriguing debut novel ‘Burial Rites’ focuses on one woman’s experience of this difficult time. What’s it about? Our perceptions of people and the power of story-telling. Agnes MagnĂşsdĂłttir has been condemned to die for her part […]

The Siege: Leningrad’s worst winter?

Sometimes, our reading choices benefit from external guidance. I began reading ‘The Siege’ out of a vague sense of obligation; I ended it with a sense of gratitude – to the author, who made what could have been Yet Another War Story beautiful and genuinely moving, and to the acquaintance who insisted I would enjoy […]