Buried Under Books

REVIEW: ‘The Testaments’ by Margaret Atwood

When I was in sixth form, there were a handful of books I would always recommend. ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ by Margaret Atwood was top of that list (which was how I came to lend it to a friend who never returned it). I remember being chilled by the harshness of Offred’s world and stunned by […]

REVIEW: ‘The Waiting Rooms’ by Eve Smith

With so many potentially brilliant books I want to read, sometimes choosing the next one feels like a challenge. So, as this year’s Crimefest approaches, I’ve set myself an actual challenge: to read some of the books by the panellists which are already gracing my shelves (some of which I doubtless picked up at the […]

REVIEW: ‘We go on Forever’ by Sarah Govett

‘It’s a book about the lies we tell ourselves and others,’ says Sarah Govett. She adds: ‘and the evil that can be perpetrated if we, for whatever reason, convince ourselves that another group of people is somehow lesser or ‘other’. This theme at the very core of ‘We go on Forever’ is what I loved […]

REVIEW: ‘A Lovely Way to Burn’ by Louise Welsh

Had enough of the dreaded virus dominating the news? How better to escape the anxieties induced by living in semi-lockdown, caused by a troublesome new virus, than to read a crime thriller exploring a world in which, erm, a troublesome new virus is wreaking havoc in London? Louise Welsh’s  superbly atmospheric novel makes it clear […]

REVIEW: ‘Blind Faith’ by Ben Elton

Imagine a world where ‘sharing’ is valued above all and privacy is considered a dangerous perversion. Such is the world Elton evokes in his 2007 tale of a world that’s exiled experts and lives in a state of ‘Blind Faith’, a world in which ignorance is feted as wisdom and everyone knows everything about everybody. […]