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Keep mum laughing this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. This is an opportunity for hardworking mothers everywhere to receive thanks for their sterling efforts raising the next generation to say please and thank you, wipe their own noses and bottoms, and eat their peas using cutlery, not their fingers. Depending on the ages of any children you possess, you […]

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Will they ever sleep? Adventures in napping

Naptimes keep me sane. Lack of naptimes…well, let’s not dwell on their effect just yet. I’m determined that my children will nap most days until they are at least in pre-school / nursery, preferably beyond (because pre-school / nursery will wear them out, right? Right?) Sometimes it’s nice to get some parenting advice and I’d […]

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Misconceptions of Motherhood

Someone once told me I would look forward to returning to work when I had finished enjoying my “love affair with motherhood”. At the time, this simply irritated me, though I wasn’t sure why. Time has allowed me to articulate the sources of my irritation. 1. Explicit in this statement is the certainty that I […]

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