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diary of a bookseller2

REVIEW: ‘The Diary of a Bookseller’ by Shaun Bythell

Meet Shaun. He loves books, discovering bookish treasures and the annual book festival in Wigtown. He does not love customers who openly browse Amazon whilst in his shop, (especially when they “whisper” to their companion that, yes, it is cheaper online,) or customers who complain about his prices, (amusingly, he raises the price of a […]

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REVIEW of ‘Reading Allowed’: people-watching in a library

I enjoy books about books so I was delighted to receive this for my birthday. A book about libraries had to be about books, right? There are lots of books on the front cover and the author’s a novelist. Well, not quite. This book is more about people, hence the subtitle, ‘true stories and curious […]

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REVIEW: ‘The Life of a Scilly Sergeant’ is told with gentle humour

The role of social media in publishing continues to fascinate me. Take Sergeant Colin Taylor. He was detective constable on the beautiful Isles of Scilly for around seven years. Scilly has approximately 2,600 inhabitants, yet Colin’s humorous Facebook and Twitter posts from his social media accounts amassed 60,000 followers. This level of demand for his […]

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unmumsy mum diary

REVIEW ‘The Unmumsy Mum Diary’: recording life with small children…honestly

‘Mummy blogging’ is big news lately. In what seems to be a backlash against the mythical ideal of Perfect Parenting, especially Perfect Mothering, and Instagram worthy¬†(#SoBlessed) family life, many bloggers are choosing to share their lives with small children, warts and all temper tantrums, last-minute school run dashes and all. Some particularly entertaining voices within […]

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the unmumsy mum

REVIEW ‘The Unmumsy mum’ shares her honest thoughts on parenting

Babies. Toddlers. Pre-schoolers. They’re delightful and amazing and awful and infuriating, switching seamlessly from adorable minx to terrible brat – and back again – in a matter of seconds. (“I said say SORRY to your SISTER. Say SORRY TO YOUR SISTER NOW! Oh, what a lovely cuddle. Ah, I’m sure she loves you, too, she […]

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Review: ‘A Year in the Life of the Yorkshire Shepherdess’

1 husband, 8 children, 1,000 sheep… It’s testament to Amanda Owen’s busy lifestyle that the strap line for her second book – released in hardback at the end of last year and in paperback today – is already out of date; she now has nine children. (How? I mean, seriously. I find three small people […]

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‘Hurrah for Gin’: a book for perfectly imperfect parents

Parenting: everyone has opinions and most people are full of advice. Katie Kirby knows better. She knows that parents do their best, that the material they have to work with is occasionally (indeed – often) nearly impossible to fathom or direct, and that amusing anecdotes are far more helpful than any well-meaning advice. With that […]

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raising girls

‘Raising Girls’ in a media-saturated, critical world

Girls are in the news – for all the wrong reasons. Once upon a time, people worried rather a lot about boys; academically, they¬†were trailing behind girls; culturally, they were struggling to find a place to fit into the modern world.¬†In the last few years the media’s focus has shifted to the various pressures girls […]

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How not to be a perfect mother

‘How not to be a perfect mother’ by Libby Purves

I’ve admitted before that I like to read books about babies / children / parenting. After all, the perfect way to spend my child-free time is to read about how to parent children, right? As you can tell from the rather fluorescent cover image depicting a ‘busy’ mum, this is quite an old book (first […]

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