Buried Under Books

REVIEW: ‘The Boy at the Door’ by Alex Dahl

Imagine. A small, unfamiliar boy is standing, parentless, companionless, by the swimming pool reception. The pool is closing. The receptionist wants to go home. You want to go home. The receptionist asks you to take the boy home and you agree, reluctantly. But when you get there, the house is clearly not a home. What […]

‘Good Me, Bad Me’: once a serial killer’s daughter…

‘New name. New family. Shiny. New. Me.’ People talk about the relative influences of nature vs nurture. But what if both influences were disturbingly malign throughout your childhood? Could you still forge a new path? If there are good and bad wolves inside each of us, which will win in the battle for supremacy? Annie […]

The accident that wasn’t

Why would a teenage girl deliberately step in front of a bus? It’s obvious that a fiction book called ‘The Accident’ and marketed as a suspense thriller is going to be about something more chilling than a simple accident, and so it proved with C. L. Taylor’s crime debut. The premise Sue Jackson is horrified […]