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‘Destination: Chile’ presents a relationship under pressure – and on TV!

Reality TV is inescapable, it seems. If I’m not being coerced into watching it by a husband who’s convinced snuggling in front of the TV together is top-quality couples time, it’s sneaking into the books I read! In the third instalment of Katy Collins’ popular series ‘The Lonely Hearts Travel Club’, Katy explores what happens when a couple […]

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Katy Collins Guest Post: Why it’s OK to be Terrified of Travelling

Today I’m welcoming the lovely Katy Collins to Buriedunderbooks to talk about travelling and adventure. Katy certainly knows what she’s talking about. When her wedding plans fell apart, she booked a solo round the world ticket and hasn’t looked back. Not content with simply seeing the sights and snapping up some souvenirs, Katy used the […]

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‘For Rent’: Apartment Manager attempts to solve crimewave

So you’re an apartment manager and you blog about your experiences. What’s the logical next step? Writing a story about an apartment manager, of course. Heck, why not be ambitious and aim for a whole series of books? As Erin Huss, owner of The Apartment Manager’s Blog, says on her Goodreads page, “I have a […]

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‘What Alice Forgot’: could amnesia save her marriage?

Forgetting what you did on a drunken night out is bad enough. Forgetting what you’ve done for the last ten years must be terrifying. This is the problem facing Alice Love in Liane Moriarty’s intriguing novel, ‘What Alice Forgot’. What’s it about? Alice bumps her head at the gym and is utterly astonished to find […]

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