Buried Under Books

Katy Collins, thriving on adventure.

‘Destination: Chile’ presents a relationship under pressure – and on TV!

Reality TV is inescapable, it seems. If¬†I’m not being coerced into watching it by a husband who’s convinced snuggling in front of the TV together is top-quality couples time, it’s sneaking into the books¬†I read! In the third instalment¬†of Katy Collins’ popular series ‘The Lonely Hearts Travel Club’, Katy explores what happens when a couple […]


‘The Sister’: how secrets destroyed a family

“I did something terrible, Grace. I hope you can forgive me.”‘ Charlie’s last words to best friend Grace have haunted her since Charlie died four months ago. What can Charlie possibly have done? It can’t be worse than what Grace did…can it? What’s it about? After her best friend dies, Grace feels set adrift. In […]