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a boy made of blocks

‘A Boy Made of Blocks’ explores childhood trauma, autism and the perils of standing still

Autism is everywhere. Regardless of the cause(s), diagnoses are increasing and, having grown up with two autistic siblings,¬†I was keen to read Keith Stuart’s ‘A Boy Made of Blocks’, which promised to be¬†‘an astonishingly authentic story of love, family and autism‘. What’s it about? Alex hates his job and, essentially, his life. He loves his […]

The Hidden Legacy

‘The Hidden Legacy’ Q&A with G. J. Minett

Last year I reviewed the beautifully handled debut novel that is G. J. Minett’s The Hidden Legacy. A short while later I had the pleasure of quizzing the author about his work, which at that point had been published as an ebook by Twenty7. As of today, it’s also¬†available in paperback, so¬†whether you liked the […]

Austen's most unlikeable heroine updated.

‘Emma’: a modern retelling by Alexander McCall Smith

So. Why retell Austen at all? Having read and reviewed Joanna Trollope’s ‘Sense and Sensibility’¬† (mildly amusing but ultimately unconvincing) and Val McDermid’s ‘Northanger Abbey’¬† (much more entertaining but still a little daft in places), I’m fast¬†reaching the conclusion that it’s purely in order to shift a few books with minimum effort by appealing to […]

Rage Cover

‘Rage’ Blog Tour FREE BOOK Giveaway

What drives a sane person to murder? Prosecutor Teodor Szacki is about to find out. What’s it about? When bones are discovered in a bunker in Olsztyn, everyone assumes they’re relics from the German occupation of Poland, but it soon transpires that the bones are actually fresh, and that their chemical removal began when their […]