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‘Cast Iron’: a Scotsman braves danger to solve cold cases in France

In 1989, someone murdered 20 year-oldĀ Lucie Martin and put her body in a lake. Fourteen years later, her bones were discovered during a heatwave, but her murderer remained unknown and a source of intense speculation in Western France. Cue forensic expert Enzo MacLeod, who wants to conclusively solve the cold case so Lucie’s parents can […]

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‘Missing Pieces’: what Sarah couldn’t see

When is a mystery not a mystery? Is it when you can work out the killer in the first third of the book and (rarely) doubt that you’re wrong? Or is it when you’re always several steps ahead of the main investigative character, rendering much of their hypothesising redundant? Maybe it’s when you aren’t convinced […]

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Rage Cover

‘Rage’: a gruesome killing, domestic abuse and vigilante justice in Poland

What does it take to make a man kill? Prosecutor Teodor Szacki is forced to discover some difficult truths in this stunning conclusion to Zygmunt Miloszewski’s loosely connected trilogy. This works perfectly as a standalone novel, exploring the work of prosecutors in Poland, contemporary social attitudes towards domestic abuse and the true driving forces behind […]

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‘Before I Let You In’: a tale of obsession and manipulation

When is a patient not a patient? When they have no desire to get better, and every intention of causing you harm… Jenny Blackhurst’s debut novel, ‘How I Lost You’, caught my eye a few months ago at Crimefest16. It looked fascinating but somehow slipped out of my immediate TBR pile and disappeared. Having found […]

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‘The Sister’: how secrets destroyed a family

“I did something terrible, Grace. I hope you can forgive me.”‘ Charlie’s last words to best friend Grace have haunted her since Charlie died four months ago. What can Charlie possibly have done? It can’t be worse than what Grace did…can it? What’s it about? After her best friend dies, Grace feels set adrift. In […]

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‘For Rent’: Apartment Manager attempts to solve crimewave

So you’re an apartment manager and you blog about your experiences. What’s the logical next step? Writing a story about an apartment manager, of course. Heck, why not be ambitious and aim for a whole series of books? As Erin Huss, owner of The Apartment Manager’s Blog, says on her Goodreads page, “I have a […]

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Lie in Wait

‘Lie in Wait’: a clever murderer might just get away with it

Last year I read and LOVED G. J. Minett’s debut novel, ‘The Hidden Legacy’. Since then I’ve been looking forward to reading his second novel, so I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to readĀ it ahead of publication.Ā ‘Lie in Wait’ is very different from Minett’s first novel – there’s an ongoing police investigation as […]

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‘Name to a Face’: blackmail, murder and mystery

You might think this story is about a ring. That’s only the lure. It’s a story about deception, myth, manipulation and family feuds, and it positively seethes with blackmail and corruption. What’s the story? Tim Harding agrees to do a favour for a friend by bidding on his behalf at an auction for an ancient […]

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Introducing DS McAvoy and a killer who is playing God.

‘Dark Winter’ introduces DS McAvoy, cop with a conscience

I’m always a little dubious when I’m told that ‘only’ one person can join the dots. What, exactly, makes DS Aector McAvoy so special that he is the only police officer able to see a connection between three seemingly disparate murders? It seems to be his conscience and a determination, sadly not shared by all […]

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