Buried Under Books

Never Forget

REVIEW: ‘Never Forget’ by Lisa Cutts

I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Cutts at Crimefest in 2016. Listening to her talk, she was so friendly, knowledgeable and good humoured that I had to buy one of her books, which somehow over time got buried under a heap of other books. Having recently read and LOVED her fourth book, ‘Buried Secrets‘, […]

Jumblebum Hannah

Children’s Corner: ‘Jumblebum The Monster Who Loves Mess’

Our local library have a fabulous selection of children’s book and my little ones love to browse. They will happily spend all afternoon there, handing me book after book to read. ‘Jumblebum’ is one of our current favourites. Well, Hannah and Marcus’ favourite. Jessica finds the monster a little scary… The Book: ‘Jumblebum, the monster […]

Buried Secrets

REVIEW: ‘Buried Secrets’ by Lisa Cutts

Hands up: who loves a novel with more twists than a slinky? Me! Me! Me! As long as they make sense in the wider context of the plot and characterisation, of course, which these do. Oh they do so beautifully. ‘Buried Secrets’ is the first of DC Lisa Cutts’ crime novels I have read, but […]

Hide and Seek

REVIEW: ‘Hide and Seek’ by M. J. Arlidge

I think I just found a new favourite author. ‘Hide and Seek’ completely gripped my attention and I read it from cover to cover over a day and a half. It would have been even less, but I have three small children who like attention. (Did I say like? I meant insist upon.) What’s it […]

diary of a bookseller2

REVIEW: ‘The Diary of a Bookseller’ by Shaun Bythell

Meet Shaun. He loves books, discovering bookish treasures and the annual book festival in Wigtown. He does not love customers who openly browse Amazon whilst in his shop, (especially when they “whisper” to their companion that, yes, it is cheaper online,) or customers who complain about his prices, (amusingly, he raises the price of a […]

She's Not There

REVIEW: In ‘She’s Not There’, has a missing child really come home?

It’s every parent’s nightmare: your child, taken. Missing. Years later the case is still unsolved, your child’s whereabouts still unknown, your arms still empty. Now rub salt in the wound: everyone, including you, thinks it was your own fault. Meet Caroline Shipley. This is her living nightmare. What’s it about? Fielding has evidently taken Madeline […]