Buried Under Books

REVIEW: ‘I See You’ by Clare Mackintosh

Imagine spotting your own photo in a newspaper advert. Is it really you? It looks like you. How did the your photo end up in the classified section? Is it an error? Or is it something much, much worse? What’s it about? Zoe Walker is deeply unsettled when she spots her photo buried next to […]

REVIEW: ‘We go on Forever’ by Sarah Govett

‘It’s a book about the lies we tell ourselves and others,’ says Sarah Govett. She adds: ‘and the evil that can be perpetrated if we, for whatever reason, convince ourselves that another group of people is somehow lesser or ‘other’. This theme at the very core of ‘We go on Forever’ is what I loved […]

REVIEW: ‘I am Dust’ by Louise Beech

Be careful: you might get what you wished for… I’m not usually a fan of supernatural tales, but this is a novel by Louise Beech, and it’s so beautifully done that I’m entranced. What’s it about? A haunted theatre. A murdered actress. Three cursed teenagers. A secret that devastates them all… The Dean Wilson Theatre […]