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Lie in Wait

‘Lie in Wait’: a clever murderer might just get away with it

Last year I read and LOVED G. J. Minett’s debut novel, ‘The Hidden Legacy’. Since then I’ve been looking forward to reading his second novel, so I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to read it ahead of publication. ‘Lie in Wait’ is very different from Minett’s first novel – there’s an ongoing police investigation as […]

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‘Name to a Face’: blackmail, murder and mystery

You might think this story is about a ring. That’s only the lure. It’s a story about deception, myth, manipulation and family feuds, and it positively seethes with blackmail and corruption. What’s the story? Tim Harding agrees to do a favour for a friend by bidding on his behalf at an auction for an ancient […]

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Introducing DS McAvoy and a killer who is playing God.

‘Dark Winter’ introduces DS McAvoy, cop with a conscience

I’m always a little dubious when I’m told that ‘only’ one person can join the dots. What, exactly, makes DS Aector McAvoy so special that he is the only police officer able to see a connection between three seemingly disparate murders? It seems to be his conscience and a determination, sadly not shared by all […]

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sister rosamund lupton

‘Sister’: I’m coming to find you…and me.

Jane Austen knew what she was doing when she made the relationship between sisters central to her novels. Elizabeth Bennet needs Jane’s gentle reminders that people are capable of more than Lizzy is minded to give them credit for, and Jane needs periodic, pragmatic dousing with Lizzy’s realism. Marianne and Elinor are even more obviously […]

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dm for murder

‘DM for murder’: a crime novel for the Twitter age

I first heard of Matt Bendoris at Crimefest where he was moderating a panel on tech in crime writing. I liked his approach, his questions and his description of his second novel ‘DM for Murder’. (I think it was partially the idea of Piers Morgan being no more…) Unfortunately, having read the book,  I think […]

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The Santa Klaus Murder

‘The Santa Klaus Murder’: a cosy crime Christmas classic

Some books really do give you precisely what the blurb promises. Mavis Doriel Hay’s ‘The Santa Klaus Murder’ is one of them. Hay is an author whose three detective novels had long been forgotten, but a few years ago the British Library opted to bring all three out of retirement by reprinting them in their […]

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Dear Amy

‘Dear Amy’: a gripping tale with a fascinating twist

I loved the premise of this book. Missing schoolgirl Bethan Avery suddenly seems to be writing letters to an agony aunt asking to be rescued, but Bethan went missing nearly twenty years ago and is presumed dead, so this must be a hoax, surely? The police dismiss the letters as a cruel joke, but when […]

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lamb to the slaughter

‘Lamb to the Slaughter’ by Aline Templeton

A lamb is dead. It isn’t what you might think. Although this is the fourth installment in Aline Templeton’s police procedural series set in Scotland, this is the first book in the series I’ve read. I’ll certainly be trying another. What’s it about? An old man is shot on his doorstep, inspiring fear in the […]

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