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REVIEW: ‘Girl A’ by Abigail Dean

I have recently discovered the joy of audiobooks. ‘Child A’, read in a perfectly disinterested fashion by Holliday Grainger worked really well in this format. The jumps in time were often confusing and disconcerting, but on reflection I think they were meant to be. After all, Lex Gracie is not a straightforward narrator… What’s it […]

REVIEW: I know who you are…and I know what you did.

‘I know who you are’ by Alice Feeney. Having read and LOVED Alice Feeney’s debut novel, ‘Sometimes I Lie’, I was delighted to spot her second book, ‘I know who you are’, at Crimefest this year. Would it live up to the twisty masterpiece of her first book? The short answer is, not quite, but […]

‘Good Me, Bad Me’: once a serial killer’s daughter…

‘New name. New family. Shiny. New. Me.’ People talk about the relative influences of nature vs nurture. But what if both influences were disturbingly malign throughout your childhood? Could you still forge a new path? If there are good and bad wolves inside each of us, which will win in the battle for supremacy? Annie […]

Suspicion, obsession and a mysterious disappearance lead to violence in Berlin.

If you enjoy ambiguity and unreliable narrators, you’ll love this. ‘The Girl on the Stairs’ is Louise Welsh’s fifth novel but the first I’ve read (thanks book group!). After this, I’ll definitely be checking out her back catalogue. What’s it about? Heavily pregnant Jane has just moved to Berlin with her Lebenspartner. While Petra works, […]