Buried Under Books

CrimeFest 2018 highlights

Books. Bookish people. And a bar. Welcome to @CrimeFest18! Ok, so there was a bit more to it than that. Crime Fest is a four day long extravaganza of crime reading fun, during which authors team up on panels to discuss topics ranging from ‘crime in a time of war’ and ‘a touch of the […]

Buried Under Books is excited about…’Stasi Wolf’

‘Stasi Wolf’ is published today. This is the follow-up to David Young’s hugely successful and thoroughly chilling Cold War novel, ‘Stasi Child’ (which I LOVED; you can read my review here). Both books are set in Communist East Germany and follow the investigations of Karin Muller, murder squad detective and good East German citizen. Muller […]

CrimeFest 2016 highlights

Last weekend I was privileged to attend CrimeFest in Bristol. It was amazing. I felt particularly lucky since, having anticipated only being able to attend Saturday’s events, a change in my husband’s plans meant that I was able to attend Sunday’s events too. What is it? An international crime fiction convention where authors, publicists, bloggers […]

The joy of literary festivals – specifically, Marlborough

I get very excited about meeting my favourite authors. The trouble is, when I do meet them, I become so tongue-tied I’m barely capable of requesting a signature and giving my name. Anything more – except possibly a simpering, eyes-downcast, barely audible mutter of “I love your books” – is absolutely beyond me. (My husband […]