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REVIEW: ‘Empire of Ants’ by Susanne Foitzik & Olaf Fritsche

When I have nightmares, they are often about ants. Ants spilling frantically from an anthill, swarming over my ankles as I try to escape – or worse, suddenly clambering over my recumbent limbs as I sunbathe, jolted out of my peaceful reading by thousands of tiny feet pattering over my vulnerable body. *shudder* I’m certain […]

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GUEST POST: Why I wrote ‘We Go on Forever’ by Sarah Govett

Today I am delighted to welcome Sarah Govett to Buriedunderbooks to discuss her new dystopian thriller, ‘We go on Forever’. I enjoyed this so much that I actually already reviewed it yesterday, but just to recap, here’s the premise: *** Arthur is dying. He must transition within the next four weeks or face permanent memory […]

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REVIEW: ‘The Book of Longings’ by Sue Monk Kidd

‘I am Ana. I was the wife of Jesus.’ So begins this fascinating tale of a woman who is born into the deeply patriarchal world of first century Galilee and is sold by her father to her husband, but longs to control her own destiny. Along the way she marries Jesus Ben Joseph, more commonly […]

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REVIEW: ‘the murder game’ by Rachel Abbott

It normally makes a brilliant party, the murder game. But that’s only true when no one actually dies… What’s it about? Secrets. Shame. The ancient history that binds friends together long past the expiration of their shared joy. The set up: Polskirrin, a beautiful house on a remote Cornish coastline. Eight guests, two hosts and […]

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REVIEW: ‘The Aosawa Murders’ by Riku Onda

How do we ever reach the truth? In Riku Onda’s deliciously disturbing tale, multiple narrators seek to bear witness to a terrible event, but it is clear that each brings their own prejudices and preoccupations to their retelling. How then, does one achieve clarity and understand the heart of the matter? Perhaps the emotions and […]

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REVIEW: ‘Death Deserved’ by Jorn Lier Horst and Thomas Enger

The detective and the celebrity blogger. Together, can they catch a serial killer? ‘Death Deserved’, the first collaboration between two well established authors of Nordic Noir, Jorn Lier Horst and Thomas Enger, is a brilliantly engaging tale of a police man hunt that seeks to apprehend a flamboyant serial killer who’s determined to manipulate the […]

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REVIEW: ‘Good Samaritans’ by Will Carver

One crossed wire. Three dead bodies. Six bottles of bleach. What a strapline! I was sold, but if you want more… What’s it about? Where to begin? Insomniac Seth, who is married to borderline-alcoholic Maeve, gets to know suicidal Hadley as a result of a crossed phone wire and a weird late night hobby. Hadley […]

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REVIEW: ‘A Darker State’ by David Young

How do you investigate a crime the Stasi don’t want you to solve? This is a problem Oberleutnant Karin Muller is familiar with. David Young’s first thrilling crime novel, ‘Stasi Child‘, saw Karin investigate the mysterious death of a teenage girl who appeared to be escaping from West to East Berlin, and ‘Stasi Wolf‘, our […]

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‘Anything for Her’: Interview with G. J. Minett #blogtour

Today I am delighted to welcome top writer and all round lovely bloke G. J. Minett to the blog to discuss his books, characters and future plans. The blurb for Anything for Her tells us that: You’d do anything for the one that got away . . . wouldn’t you? When Billy Orr returns home […]

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