Buried Under Books

Incoming Books: January

Incoming books: an inventory As always, I can’t walk past a bookshop without going in to browse, and I can’t browse without buying a book, so I have recently added the following to my collection…     1. ‘The Body: a Guide for Occupants’ by Bill Bryson Purchased from a really lovely independent bookshop we […]

The many justifications for buying books

It’s actually quite rare for me to buy books new. Honest. New to me from a second hand shop – sure. New as a gift from a friend or family member – definitely. New as a gift for my son or daughter or other lucky friend / family member who loves books – yep yep […]

Christmas + Lovely Family = new books!

Christmas is ace. Some people love Christmas because it’s a holiday and an opportunity to spend precious time with rarely seen family members. Some people love it because it’s an occasion during which it is totally socially acceptable to eat your own body weight – twice – as long as you’re eating roast dinner and […]