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Category: Psychological chiller

Bonus reading time: ‘Close My Eyes’

Delays at the dentist? Traffic on the tube? It must be bonus reading time. Bonus reading time is what happens when you’re meant to be doing something else but there’s a hiccup and instead you get to read. This is why I always keep a book in my bag; you never know when you might […]

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Broken Harbour: a desolate landscape where families go to die

Sometimes there is no safe place. So begins the blurb for Tana French’s fourth novel, ‘Broken Harbour’, in which it gradually becomes clear that a family’s house and their relationship with it has played a significant role in their murders. What’s it about? A family of four have been found slain in their own home. […]

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‘Little Face’: who’s controlling who?

I have been waiting to read this for almost a year since I first read the blurb, and I was certainly vindicated: it is superb. What’s it about? The story unfolds via two narratives set a week apart in which a race against time develops. In the first chapter, new mum Alice Fancourt describes the […]

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