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Author interview: Mary McCluskey discusses her reasons for writing the increasingly chilling ‘Intrusion’.

It seems many journalists harbour a desire to branch out into fiction. Today on Buried Under Books I’m privileged to be interviewing journalist and prize-winning short-story writer turned debut novelist Mary McCluskey about her emotionally complex novel, ‘Intrusion’. In this dark and psychologically acute tale, a once happily-married couple are struggling to cope with the […]

Author interview: Rebecca Thornton discusses how her debut novel ‘The Exclusives’ developed and why it’s set in a boarding school

A really good friend can make a frightening enemy. ‘The Exclusives’ explores this premise: what happens when best friends betray each other? How far might they go to harm each other and secure their own futures? This is former journalist Rebecca Thornton’s debut novel and today her blog tour visits Buried Under Books, which means […]