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REVIEW: ‘Undoctored’ by Adam Kay

‘Medicine was harder to leave than O2 or Virgin Active gyms.’ Adam Kay is back with his second memoir, reflecting on his experiences not just as a student and doctor within the NHS but with his own mental and physical health. What’s it about? Kay’s adult debut, ‘This is going to hurt’, was sad and […]

REVIEW: ‘Songs by Dead Girls’ by Lesley Kelly

Imagine that a novel virus caused chaos and led to significant restrictions on public movement and… Oh. Hello Covid-19! No need to imagine the government crackdown or the population’s reactions. But actually, that just makes ‘Songs by Dead Girls’, first published in 2018, EVEN BETTER because it’s so perfectly pitched. Now I don’t mean that […]

‘Jerusalem Ablaze’ blog tour: Orlando Ortega-Medina discusses his inspirations

Love, obsession, faith, desire and redemption: ‘Jerusalem Ablaze’ is a collection of stories which burn with hunger. Today I’m welcoming Orlando Ortega-Medina to Buried Under Books as part of his blog tour to celebrate the recent publication of ‘Jerusalem Ablaze’, his debut collection of darkly humorous and strangely sensual short stories. Want to know more? Here’s the […]