Buried Under Books

REVIEW ‘The Unmumsy Mum Diary’: recording life with small children…honestly

‘Mummy blogging’ is big news lately. In what seems to be a backlash against the mythical ideal of Perfect Parenting, especially Perfect Mothering, and Instagram worthy (#SoBlessed) family life, many bloggers are choosing to share their lives with small children, warts and all temper tantrums, last-minute school run dashes and all. Some particularly entertaining voices within […]

What Babies and Children Really Need

Although watching my son explore our local SureStart Centre can be fun, there is definitely a finite amount of time I can bear to spend watching him play with cars. Recently, that time having long since expired, I found myself browsing the centre’s bookshelves and spotted Sally Goddard Blythe’s ‘What Babies and Children Rally Need’. […]

What Mothers Do

After spending a day at home with my eleven month old son, it’s very easy to look around me and wonder what I’ve achieved. So I’ve tidied away the toys that made the living room look like a branch of the Early Learning Centre, cleaned on, around and under the high chair for the third […]

Misconceptions of Motherhood

Someone once told me I would look forward to returning to work when I had finished enjoying my “love affair with motherhood”. At the time, this simply irritated me, though I wasn’t sure why. Time has allowed me to articulate the sources of my irritation. 1. Explicit in this statement is the certainty that I […]