Our local coffee shop have a small selection of children’s books as part of their wider book offer. I LOVE visiting places that offer books to read / book swaps, and my little readers love it, too. Yesterday afternoon we popped in for a quick coffee and healthy popcorn snack* and my little people were delighted to curl up with one of their favourite coffee shop books:


The Book: ‘Norman, the Slug with the Silly Shell’.
The author: Sue Hendra
The publisher: Simon and Schuster Children’s UK
Published: 2011
Format: paperback

The concept:

Norman loves snails and wants his own shell. What can he find to make himself a shell? What adventures will he have in it?

Our thoughts:

My 5 year old and 3 year old love this book. Bright illustrations, not too many words and a simple, silly storyline that encourages ingenuity, perseverance and risk-taking.

Jessica says:

“I want a shell. Can I eat a donut now?”

Suggested age: 2 +

*Once upon a time I would have written a relaxing coffee and a huge slab of cake…but three children later the concentration on my little lady’s face as she scrutinises the pictures is a fine replacement for those lazy Sundays.