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REVIEW: ‘The After Wife’ by Cass Hunter

‘I thought that love would last forever. I was wrong.’ So wrote Auden in his beautiful and haunting poem, ‘Funeral Blues’. But, what if it could? In these digital days of iPhones, iPads and iWatches, how far away are we from the possibility of an iRachel? Cass Hunter explores longing, loss, love and, erm, the […]

GUEST POST: James Hartley talks ‘Cold Fire’, love, and that moment when two souls fuse

‘There’s a naked boy on the playing fields.’ This is Gillian’s introduction to her Romeo; together, they form the star-crossed lovers in ‘Cold Fire’, a dramatic YA novel which not only revisits Shakespeare’s famous lovers, but introduces us to Shakespeare himself… Today I am privileged to have James Hartley visiting BuriedUnderBooks to discuss his second […]

What Alice Saw

When I learned that Maggie O’Farrell would be speaking at my local library I immediately resolved to reread her debut novel, ‘After You’d Gone’*. What’s it about? Alice Raikes randomly boards a train from London to Edinburgh, thinking she will visit her family. Almost as soon as she arrives, she sees something that stuns her […]