It’s been a very long time since my last children’s book review, but all three children are still avid readers and huge fans of our local library. A firm library favourite at the moment is the delightful picture book, ‘What Noise Does a Rabbit Make?

The Book: ‘What Noise Does a Rabbit Make?’
The author: Carrie Weston
The illustrator: Richard Byrne
The publisher: Andersen Press
Published: 2014
Format: paperback

The concept:

As the sun came up, “COCK-A-DOODLE-DO!” trumpeted the cockerel, and then all at once the farm rang out with the noises of the other animals. Amid the ruckus, Raggety-Taggle quietly nibbled the grass and wondered just what noise does a rabbit make? As he ponders, he’s unaware of a cat lurking, getting ready to pounce!

Our thoughts:

I love the shifts in this book between noise and silence. As a parent reading, one minute you are whispering about rabbits filling a meadow ‘slowly and silently’, then suddenly you are shouting ALL the classic noisy farmyard animal sounds. Raggety-Taggle does have to run for his life, past a plethora of beautifully drawn animals, but (spoiler alert!) there is a happy ending and (rather delightfully for parents!) the book concludes with him wondering, ‘just why anybody would ever want to make a noise at all’. I really enjoy reading this – and the children love listening to it multiple times in a row!

Jessica says:

“COCK-A-DOODLE-DO! Read it AGAIN, Mummy.”

Suggested age: 1.5 + (toddlers will enjoy shouting along with the animal noises…but my 5 year old loves it too)