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REVIEW: ‘The Craftsman’ by Sharon Bolton

How do you make a witch? Sharon Bolton has some ideas, and her latest novel is a wonderfully chilling tale of conspiracy and murder in a small northern town at the foot of Pendle Forest. What’s it about? ‘I imagine that Patsy regained consciousness slowly, and that her first lucid thought was that she was […]

‘Northanger Abbey’ as imagined by a teenager reared on ‘Twilight’ and other fantasies

‘Northanger Abbey’ reimagined: could this stately family pile really be home to Twilight-style vampires? * Perhaps the least popular of Austen’s six completed novels, ‘Northanger Abbey’ is, nonetheless, a clever and entertaining parody of contemporary Gothic and Romantic novels. This makes seasoned crime writer Val McDermid an interesting choice to ‘update’ the novel, since she […]

A tale of death, opium and what’s worse than death

I’ll be honest: this was not a book that appealed to me. The title suggested fantastical doings and the blurb made reference to three equally irritating ideas: our hero has a “nemesis” and will be “pulled into the sinister and mysterious world of Georgian London” where he “must make a journey that will change his life forever”. So we have a set of clichés and a novel that’s keen to assert its historical credentials. And, to add insult to boredom, there was a Richard and Judy sticker slapped onto the top left hand corner.