Buried Under Books

REVIEW: ‘Between You and Me’ by Lisa Hall

I’m going to start with an unusual disclaimer here… If you already know you want to read this book, don’t read my review – don’t read any reviews – and definitely don’t read the praise inside the front cover! What’s it about? Sal and Charlie are married. They love each other – supposedly – but […]

REVIEW: ‘a suitable lie’ by Michael J Malone

There are some secrets you should never keep. When widower and single father Andy Boyd meets Anna, he can’t believe his luck. When he ends up in hospital on his wedding night, Andy refuses to see this as a warning sign and enters a world of lies that may cost him everything. What’s it about? […]

‘The Outcast’: a dark tale of feeling unloved

I had never heard of this book until it was selected as a book group read. The plaudits on the back cover suggested it was written in a similar style to ‘Atonement’ so, having loved that book, I was keen to read this. The premise Under the neat façade of the church-going, lunch-attending 1950s middle […]