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REVIEW: ‘Murder in Little Shendon’ by A. H. Richardson

When Bartholomew Fynch is murdered, finding out whodunit proves challenging. Not only was he a secretive chap, rumoured to have worked for MI5, but he was deeply unpleasant and it gradually emerges that almost everyone in the village hated him enough to do him in. Oh, okay, EVERYONE in the village hated him enough to […]

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killing grounds

REVIEW: ‘Killing Grounds’ by Dana Stabenow

Book groups and book blogging: two great ways to discover authors you might not otherwise have been aware of. My crime reading book group recently introduced me to the joys of Dana Stabenow’s ‘Kate Shugak investigates’ series. Set in Alaska it follows the adventures of a retired (but young) District Attorney investigator with four Aleut […]

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The one that got away

REVIEW ‘The One That Got Away’: creepy domestic noir with a sting

Facebook: the platform where many of us embrace contact with “friends” we would never embrace in Real Life. Maybe we knew them, once. Maybe they attended our school. Maybe they’re a friend of a friend you keep meeting. These “friends” could become Real Friends, they could become the main source of irritating cat memes in […]

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REVIEW: discover ‘If She Did It’

A mother knows her daughter. Doesn’t she? Obviously, Hanna knows her youngest daughter, Dawn, isn’t perfect, but who is? Hanna is determined to give her the benefit of the doubt, even when no-one else will – even when everyone else believes Dawn was involved in a plot to murder Hanna and her husband, Joe. Let’s […]

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death in dulwich

REVIEW of ‘Death in Dulwich’: delightfully cosy crime

Ah, small towns. Everyone knows everything about everybody. Except when they don’t. Murder in Dulwich means secrets in Dulwich and secrets mean that someone needs to investigate. In Alice Castle’s new London Murder Mystery series, that someone is Beth, mother, journalist, odd-jobber and, suddenly, amateur investigator. What’s it about? Meet Beth Haldane, thirty-something single mum. […]

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REVIEW ‘The People at Number 9’: envious neighbours in suburbia

Expectations are everything. This book looks like a psychological thriller. There’s something about the title and strapline, even the cover art, that leads you to expect dark twists involving significant emotional trauma and, ultimately, some kind of investigable crime. But that’s not what it is. Read this expecting to uncover a killer or a demented […]

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