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Katy Collins, thriving on adventure.

Katy Collins Guest Post: Why it’s OK to be Terrified of Travelling

Today I’m welcoming the lovely Katy Collins to Buriedunderbooks to talk about travelling and adventure. Katy certainly knows what she’s talking about. When her wedding plans fell apart, she booked a solo round the world ticket and hasn’t looked back. Not content with simply seeing the sights and snapping up some souvenirs, Katy used the […]

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Rage Cover

‘Rage’ Blog Tour FREE BOOK Giveaway

What drives a sane person to murder? Prosecutor Teodor Szacki is about to find out. What’s it about? When bones are discovered in a bunker in Olsztyn, everyone assumes they’re relics from the German occupation of Poland, but it soon transpires that the bones are actually fresh, and that their chemical removal began when their […]

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Intrusion cover

Author interview: Mary McCluskey discusses her reasons for writing the increasingly chilling ‘Intrusion’.

It seems many journalists harbour a desire to branch out into fiction. Today on Buried Under Books I’m privileged to be interviewing journalist and prize-winning short-story writer turned debut novelist Mary McCluskey about her emotionally complex novel, ‘Intrusion’. In this dark and psychologically acute tale, a once happily-married couple are struggling to cope with the […]

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‘Chains of Sand’: an exploration of grey amidst black and white

‘Chains of Sand’ opens with a girl trapped in the rubble of her house. This perfectly constructed chapter illustrates the key themes of the book in slightly less than two full pages: loyalty, fear, peace, conflict, violence, feminism, extremism, the quest for knowledge, and the senseless brutality of every life lost. This girl, we will […]

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What a (weird and) wonderful world

Until very recently, I refused to join Twitter; I didn’t understand the point of it but knew that I already lost enough precious time to the lure of the Internet. Now, I’m a convert. Not only is it a great source of book-related links, but it turns out that it can be a source of […]

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